New priests

In 2020 we began to support two more priests in need. This brings the total of those we have helped since we started in 2005 to twelve. Deo gratias!

A welcome initiative

In August 2020 the chapel of Our Lady Immaculate and St Edmund, in the diocese of East Anglia, became the centre of the first exclusively traditional parish in England since the Vatican 2 reforms.

Admittedly its extremely rural location and the fact that it is only accessible by car mean that its congregation will be limited. Also, although the diocese is currently part-funding it, this support will end once it becomes self-sufficient. Please pray that it is a success and that others will follow.

Not welcome!

In July and August 2022 we helped two biritual priests who had become exclusively traditional. Sadly, Traditionis Custodes ensured they received no support from any bishop, so they have now left the UK.