All who have ever donated to the Trust and their intentions are included in the priests’ monthly Masses for benefactors. However, in the Winter 2016 issue of Mass of Ages we began to offer the opportunity to have private Masses said. The ‘window’ for these would be from November to February and many such Masses are now requested every year, providing a welcome extra for our priests. All we ask is that these Masses should not be date-specific or represent an extensive commitment, eg a Gregorian (30 Masses offered on consecutive days for a single recently-deceased soul).

Regarding stipends, priests suggest £20 as the current rate, although in cases of hardship they would willingly accept less. Generous donors may wish to offer more. Stipends may be gift-aided; see here for a form.The stipend was traditionally intended to cover the cost of board and lodging for the priest on the day of the Mass.

To ask for a Mass please do as follows: