Independent traditional priests have no financial security, unlike their confreres in priestly societies. With one recent exception, see here, they have no parishes from which to draw a living because they will not say the Novus Ordo Mass (NOM). They may be able to exercise their apostolate alongside a Novus Ordo or bi-ritual priest in his parish, or establish an independent community. Both of these arrangements currently exist in the UK with episcopal approval, but do not attract any diocesan funding. The priests concerned must live from Mass stipends and the offerings of the faithful they serve.

Traditionis Custodes (16.7.21) discourages bishops from taking new traditional priests into their dioceses and forbids the establishment of new traditional communities without permission from Rome. Priests affected by this measure are now seeking TPST support.

Since February 2006, the TPST has helped a total of fourteen traditional priests based mainly in the south of England. We have paid out just over £66,000. We aim to send regular monthly payments directly to individual priests when funds allow. No other organization does this. Even the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales only offers priests stipends when they celebrate Masses for it and does not help priests in other parts of the UK.

Apart from regular payments, we offer our priests stipends to celebrate Mass on the anniversaries of deceased beneficiaries and those who have left us legacies, and also on the feast days of our patrons: 26 April (Our Lady of Good Counsel) and 4 May (The Martyrs of England and Wales).

Our help is given in confidence, although beneficiaries may know each other.

All the priests we help offer monthly Masses for benefactors.