Traditional priests work hard, not least because there are so few of them. Their apostolates often cost them much personal sacrifice and bring little material reward. Please consider donating generously.

As HMRC has granted the TPST charitable status for tax purposes (ref no XR87762), it enjoys the same privileges as a registered charity:

*  Gift aid   If you are a taxpayer, please consider gift-aiding your donation. Completing a gift aid form here takes so little time but gives the trust so much extra help. The gift aid we have claimed so far, up to April 2019, comes to just under 3,400. The tax year 11-12 saw the rate drop from 28p to 25p per 1, but it is still a considerable asset, especially to smaller charities.

*  Self-assessment tax return refunds  You can donate any refund you are entitled to by entering the code FAS32VG in the relevant box on your tax return. The refund may be gift-aided and also donated anonymously.

*  Legacies  A bequest to the TPST can reduce the value of your estate for inheritance tax purposes as long as the money passes directly into our account (it will be paid gross) and your will places no restrictions on its use.

If you wish simply to write a cheque, or perhaps set up a standing order, see here. All donations will be acknowledged.

From 'Mass of Ages' - issue 208 - summer 2021