The Society of St Tarcisius was launched on 15th May 2010, at Blackfriars, Oxford. See a report of the launch.

If you would like further information about this Sodality of traditional altar servers, then please email the Secretary.



The Society of St. Tarcisius is a Sodality of altar servers for the traditional Latin mass.

Its objects are:

1. To promote the dignified, devout, and accurate service of the altar in the traditional Roman rite.

2. To promote the spiritual formation of altar servers, in the spirit of St Tarcisius, who accepted death rather than allow the profanation of the most holy sacrament.

3. To disseminate information on the correct service of the altar, and arrange from time to time training events for servers.

4. To maintain a list of those who are willing and able to serve at the traditional liturgy, and provide this information to those organizing traditional events, where needed.

The Society is specifically committed to the traditional Latin liturgy of the Catholic church, in a form no later than that current in 1962.


The Society of St Tarcisius is sponsored by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales - Traditional Catholicism for the 21st Century.