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1. From Vancouver.

Fr Lawrence Donnelly is a Catholic priest of the Archidiocese of Vancouver, currently parish priest of St Jude's parish and shrine. With the archbishop's permission, he is seeking to gather together like-minded gentlemen, clerics or laymen, who would like to form a community of priests living in common, with the eventuality of forming an Oratory of Saint Philip Neri in Vancouver. Please pray for this endeavour, that the charism of Saint Philip will be lived in community in Vancouver.  Anyone interested in participating in this Oratorian project should contact Fr Lawrence.

Fr Lawrence has a personal blog - "A Son of St Philip" - Catechesis, Sacred Scripture, Liturgical Music and Art - which is well worth visiting: 

2. From Oxford.

Our good friend and Brother of the Little Oratory of Oxford, Mr John Whitehead, has also initiated a personal blog.

Mr Whitehead is an expert in mediaeval history, and in many other things Catholic and historical. He also provides historical guided tours of Oxford at very reasonable rates: if you are visiting, then get in touch with him and arrange one, and you won't regret it.

His blog is called "Once I was a clever boy" which is a reference to Bishop Richard Fleming, fifteenth century ecclesiastical superstar, and subject of Mr Whitehead's research.

To find out more, visit: