Some of the Sundays after the Epiphany have to be omitted, when Easter comes early in the year. But when that great Solemnity comes late, the Sundays before Septuagesima may be as many as six. We have given the first four in our Second Christmas Volume; we now give the remaining two.

During this brief period, the Church no longer dwells on the mysteries of our Lordís Infancy. She listens to his teachings and admires his miracles, but she selects no special circumstances of his Life.

The colour of the Vestments she uses on these Sundays, is Green; we have elsewhere explained its symbolism.

Frequently a Saintís Feast, of a Double rite, falls on these same days; the Sundayís Office is then omitted, and a mere commemoration is made of it.

We give the Mass and Vespers of these two Sundays without anything further than our usual commentary, inasmuch as they very rarely have to be said. We omit the week-days altogether, since they offer no particular Mystery for meditation; and their omission may be supplied, by perusing the instructions, &c., given for the Saintís Feasts, which have to be celebrated on those days.