Our work of preparation is over: we are ready to obey our Mother’s call to Lent. During the three past weeks, we have studied the Fall of our First Parents, and the miseries it brought upon man; the necessity of a Saviour; the Justice of God, against which the human race dated to rebel; the terrible chastisement of the Deluge, wherewith that revolt was punished; and finally, the Covenant made by God, through Abraham, with those who are faithful to him, and shun the maxims of a perverse and guilty world.

Now we are to see the accomplishment of the great Mysteries, whereby the wounds of our Fall were healed, the Divine Justice was disarmed, and God’s grace was poured out upon us, and delivered us from the yoke of Satan and the World.

The Man-God, whose sweet presence has been less sensible during this Septuagesima Season, is now about to show himself to us again, but, this time it is on his way to Calvary, where he is to be immolated for our Redemption. The dolorous Passion, which our sins have imposed upon him, is about to be brought before us: the greatest of Anniversaries will soon be upon us.

Let us be all attention to the Mysteries: let us be fervent in the great work of our own purification. Let us walk on courageously in the path of Penance, so that each day the burden of our sins may be lightened, and, after we have partaken, by heartfelt compassion, of the cup of our Redeemer’s Passion, our lips will be once more permitted to sing the songs of joy, and our hearts will thrill at Easter with the loud burst of the Church’s Alleluia!